27 May 2012

THE STAR - Perlis mufti hopes Fatwa Council will review decree

KANGAR: Perlis mufti Dr Juanda Jaya hopes the National Fatwa Council, which forbids babies born less than six months after the marriage of their parents to bear the father’s name, will review the decree.

Juanda said the decree issued by the council, enforced by the National Registration Department when issuing birth certificates, had created numerous problems.

He had received a complaint from a property agent who claimed that the department refused to put his name down behind that of his eldest son on the excuse that the boy’s birth was less than six months after his marriage.

“There are so many illegitimate children because babies born below six months after the marriage of the parents cannot have their fathers’ names after their own names. They have to use ‘bin Abdullah’ instead.

“This is a loss to them. They will face problems when they become adults,” he said, adding that the Perlis Fatwa Council issued a fatwa in 2009 allowing babies born under six months after marriages to have their fathers’ names.

The council had said the ruling did not deny the rights of a child and was not aimed at “shaming” it but it was a measure to ensure that Islamic regulations were adhered to.

Datuk Ismail Yahya, who is the syariah chief judge of Terengganu, had also questioned the basis behind the NRD ruling that denied children “their rights to lineage”.

“Why must they base it on six months or fewer? Other Muslim countries, including Arab countries, do not practise this,” he reportedly argued. — Bernama


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